In this section you''ll find different drumstick sets, bundles and special offers. These include not only combinations of our drumstick models, but also packages containing education material in addition to the drumsticks. For instance, Rohema drumsticks together with instructional books from our artists or helpful guides on how to play drums.

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201397 5A Classic, Bamboo Rods, JB2, Timpani Mallets
Drumstick Starter Bundle
€56.91 *
201395 Set mit allen verfügbaren 5A Sticks
5A Complete XL Bundle
€57.89 *
201396 5 verschiedene 5A-Sticks
5A Best Seller Bundle
€33.50 *
618108 2 books, 1 poster, 1 pairs of drumsticks, by Stephan Emig
Kurs von Stephan Emig inklusive Drumsticks
€39.90 *