Wood block

The wood block drum is a block of beech wood which has been hollowed out into the shape of a slit. It can be used to produce two different tones. With its comfortable handle, the wood block drum is an ideal instrument for early musical education.

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Schlägel PM466 aus Kunststoff mit Buchekugel
Beech wood head, very hard, plastic handle, 6 x 200 mm
€2.34 *
Schlägel PM752 aus Kunststoff mit schwarzer Gummikugel
medium rubber head, plastic handle, 6 x 195 mm
€2.34 *
Holzblocktrommel 2-Tönig aus lackierter Buche mit Griff
Woodblock 2-Tone with handle
Beech, Lacquered, with handle, two different tones
€10.90 *
Holzblocktrommel 2-Tönig aus lackierter Buche
Woodblock 2-Tone
Beech, Lacquered, two different tones
€9.90 *