Junior 1+

The Junior 1+ instrument range gives even the very youngest children the opportunity to experiment, explore different rattling sounds and acquire imaginative rhythmic and musical skills. All instruments are made of untreated, regional beech wood and have been tested according to the German toy standard.

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unbehandeltes Rhythmus Instrumente Set für Kleinkinder
Junior 1+ Natural Percussion Set
Beech, natural, for kids from 12 months
€24.90 *
Pilz-Shaker Set aus Buche mit 3 Klangfarben
Mushroom Shaker Set of 3
Beech, natural, lacquered hat, 3 different timbres
€19.90 *
Junior Jingle Stick
Junior Jingle Stick
Handle made of beech, lacquered, warm sound
€3.90 *
Junior Glockenkranz mit 5 Kreuzglöckchen und heller Klangfarbe
Junior Hand Bells
Beech handle, oiled, bright timbre
€10.50 *
Scrapy Shaker 3er Set
Scrapy Shaker Set of 3
Beech, natural finish, guiro, bell & rattle sound
€13.90 *
Junior 1+ Set mit 41 Rhythmusinstrumenten für die Kleinsten
Junior 1+ Set
41 Rhythm instruments, beech wood, perfect for groups
€179.00 *
Junior Maracas aus unbehandelter Buche mit hoher Klangfarbe
Junior Maracas
Beech, natural, bright timbre
€6.00 *
Junior Klanghölzer Ø16mm aus unbehandelter Buche
Junior Beech Claves 16
Beech, natural, bright timbre,16 x 155 mm
€3.80 *
Junior Klanghölzer Ø18mm aus unbehandelter Buche
Junior Beech Claves 18
Beech, natural, bright timbre,18 x 175 mm
€3.80 *
Scrapy Shaker rot aus Buche mit Rassel-Klang
Scrapy Shaker red
Beech, natural finish, guiro & warm rattle sound
€4.90 *
Scrapy Shaker grün aus Buche mit hohem Glocken-Klang
Scrapy Shaker green
Beech, natural finish, guiro & high bell sound
€4.90 *
Scrapy Shaker gelb aus Buche mit mittlerem Glocken-Klang
Scrapy Shaker yellow
Beech, natural finish, guiro & warm bell sound
€4.90 *
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