201739 by Dirk Erchinger (Drumtrainer Berlin), Hickory, lacquered, acorn tip, 405 x 14,3mm
Model 5A
Type of wood American Hickory
Finish Lacquered
Tip acorn
Weight medium
Color Natural
Length 405 mm / 15.957″
Diameter 14.3 mm / .563″
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Exclusively available at the Rohema webshop: the "Stöckchen" by Dirk Erchinger, Rohema Artist... more

Exclusively available at the Rohema webshop: the "Stöckchen" by Dirk Erchinger, Rohema Artist from the very beginning and head of Drumtrainer Berlin.

This stick is based on our Classic 5A model made of American Hickory. With a length of 405 and a diameter of 14.3 millimeters, this model is a Rohema bestseller and suitable for almost every style of music. The "Stöckchen" drumstick has an acorn-shaped tip for a nuanced sound on the cymbals.

The special feature of Dirk's "Stöckchen" is its markings for the perfect spots of the stick for special sounds on hi-hat and snare. These are not only helpful for beginners, but also help advanced drummers to get the perfect rim click.

Drumtrainer Berlin: "We’ve teamed up with Rohema to create our drum school’s signature stick and our goal with this stick was simple. We wanted to create a stick that not only has a great sound but one that is also an educational tool for all students. Our aim is to help students clearly see how they can get different sounds out of the stick whether using a “tick” vs “tschick” on the hihat or the “klick” vs “klickchen” with a rim click."

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