Habits of a musical drummer - Motivational package

Habits of a musical drummer - Motivational package

618108 English, 2 books, 1 poster, 1 pairs of drumsticks, by Stephan Emig
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  • 618108
  • Stephan Emig book set
  • English, 2 books, 1 poster, 1 pairs of drumsticks, by Stephan Emig
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Habits of a musical drummer - Motivational package

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The course book by Stephan Emig including 2 pairs of matching drumsticks (1x Hornbeam Stephan Emig + 1 Hornbeam Tango)


This book takes a new approach to drumming. The exercises and the background information on them from some of the top drummers of our time are rooted in real-life playing situations and suitable for all playing levels. The holistic approach focuses on where you are at the moment musically and mentally and helps you take the next step.

Make the 5 Habits of a Musical Drummer your own and change your drumming focus from head to heart!

INSPIRATION - Simple methods to expand your horizon.

INTENTION - Giving your own playing more musical expression.

INTERACTION - Sharpening the senses for playing together in a band.

IMPROVISATION - Increasing your own vocabulary with the help of practical exercises.

INNER SETTING - Proper mindset to become not only a better musician, but also a more mindful person.

Here is the opinion of some famous drummers:

"The material you are about to investigate is perhaps some of the most important aspects of music, some of those being musical expression and musical interaction. The challenge that Stephan has pre- sented to the student of drumming is more than the typical exercise manual. Instead of learning 'what' to play, he presents methods and procedures for learning 'how' to play, something most drum books do not focus on. The 5 habits that he feels are the most important to develop for the musical drummer become essential for the kind of success that we as players are looking for. "Ralph Humphrey (Drummer & Teacher: Frank Zappa, Los Angeles College of Music)

"I love and appreciate Stephan as a person and as a musician. And this is exactly what the guide is about. A very valuable collection of ideas and thoughts. " - Patrick Fa (Drummer, Musical Director: Stefanie Heinzmann, Rea Garvey)

"Stephan not only emphasizes the important topic of musicality on the drumset no matter what genre of music you prefer, but more importantly he talks about how to deal with the inner game as well. this book builds a bridge between mindset and playing your instrument. " - Mark Schulman (Drummer, Hedge Fund Manager: P!nk, Cher)

" The ever-growing abundance of educational material for musicians on the internet or even as books is overwhelming. All too often, topics are covered that are not helpful, but just easy to teach. Stephan Emig chooses a different path with this book, by not only dedicating himself to a topic that cannot be ranked high enough in importance, but also illuminates it in an understandable and interesting way. Thank you Stephan! " - Benny Greb (Drummer, Clinician: Moving Parts, Benny Greb Brass Band)

Learn more about Stephan Emig

In his playing, Stephan Emig combines conventional drumming with the sound possibilities of percussion instruments and electronics to create a creative style of his own.

As a drummer, percussionist and specialist for Ableton Live, he is a sought-after sideman at concerts and in the studio.

Besides his own band Planting Robots, his references include worldwide performances, as well as TV or studio work with Hamid Baroudi, triosence, Klaus Lage, Gregor Meyle, The Voice of Germany in Concert, Stefanie Heinzmann, Luke Mockridge, Jazzkantine, Marquess, Arbeitsgruppe Zukunft and many more.

He studied at the Los Angeles College of Music, is now a sought-after lecturer at workshops and has a teaching position at the Institute of Music at the University of Osnabrück. He is the author of the book "5 Ways to More Musicality".

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